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What makes the Upgrademe Essay Review special? The easy-to-use online process? Sure, that too, but we believe our reviewers should get the credit for making your essay truly shine!


Our reviewers have decades of experience coaching students in writing college application essays, and a strong success record of helping students get admitted to their dream colleges!


They come from a wide variety of backgrounds such as English, Math, Engineering, Science, Humanities, Medicine, and Management and have attended and taught at several top universities in the country including the Ivy Leagues.

Admissions Expertise

As if that was not enough, they also have experience with the admissions process. No, not the side of the admissions process that you are on right now, the other side! What more can you ask for?

Our reviewers may look quite ordinary if you were to meet them, but they know how to bring out the extra-ordinary in you!

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