Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a short list of our most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrademe Credits

What are credits?

Credits are a type of currency that is used on the Upgrademe site. Upgrademe credits can be used to purchase all Upgrademe paid product offerings. Please note that you may have to use different numbers of credits to purchase different products.

How do I purchase credits?

Purchasing credits is easy! On the Upgrademe web site, you may add credits by going to the My Account page and clicking on Add Credits. Please select the appropriate number of credits to purchase from the table and complete the transaction by entering your credit card information. We accept the following forms of payment - MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Which package should I go with?

It depends on how you plan to use the credits. As you buy larger packages with more credits, the cost per credit goes down and the largest package offers you the best value. Since the credits don't expire, we encourage you to buy the largest package that you may need. That will give you the best deal.

How do I use these credits?

Using credits is even easier than buying them! Once you are ready to purchase a product or service, just follow the prompts. You will be led to the Assign Credit page. This page allows you to assign your available credits towards that purchase. After this step, you will have an opportunity to confirm your purchase before the credits are deducted from your account.

Is there anything else I need to be aware of?

A few important points are outlined here. Please note that you are responsible for reviewing our user agreement and privacy policy in detail prior to making a purchase.

  • Credits are non-refundable. Once you purchase credits, they cannot be refunded.
  • Once credits are assigned to a purchase and the purchase has been confirmed, those credits are used up from your account and cannot be returned to you even if the service is not utilized.
  • A package once purchased cannot be upgraded. If you find that you need additional credits, you may pick an additional appropriate package for purchase.
  • Credits do not expire.

Will I be able to share my credits with others?

Yes, you are allowed to share/transfer your credits to others at no cost to either party! Click on the "My Account" link under your name on the home page. You should see a button "Share Credits". Click on it and go through the flow to share credits with others.

In what scenario would I want to share my credits with others?

For one, you could be a parent trying to buy credits for your children. This will save you the trouble of having to make purchases for each child individually. Also, this will enable you to purchase a bigger package of credits for a lower per-credit price. Another case where sharing can be handy is if you are a question set creator and would like to have a few of your users evaluate your question set. You can transfer the necessary credits to these users' accounts and have them purchase your question set using your credits.

What if the person I want to share my credit with does not have an Upgrademe account?

For you to be able to share credits with others, they would need to have an Upgrademe account so that they can actually use those credits. If they don't already have an Upgrademe account, please encourage them to sign up for a free account before you transfer your credits to them.

Can I undo a credit share transaction?

Unfortunately, no! Once the credits are transferred over, there is no way to undo it. Of course, you can always have the recipient transfer them back!

Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrademe Essay Review Services

How can I purchase an Essay Review service?

Upgrademe Essay Review services can be purchased using Upgrademe credits, just like all other Upgrademe paid products and services. Please note that you will require the necessary credits to make a purchase. Once you have enough credits, following the prompts will lead you to the Assign Credits page, where you can assign credits to purchase an essay review. You will be asked to confirm your purchase.

Can I return an essay review item after I have purchased it?

Once you assign credits towards an essay review purchase and confirm your transaction, the purchase will be completed. Credits used for a purchase cannot be refunded to your account and will be deemed as having been used up, even if you do not submit an essay for review.

How many essays review products should I purchase?

Typically, colleges require applicants to write an essay for one or more prompts. Your decision on how many essays to purchase should be based on the number of colleges you are applying to and the number of essays required by each of those colleges. Sometimes two or more prompts may be similar and you may be able to write very similar essays for those prompts. In that case, you may choose to get fewer essays reviewed and reuse the same material for multiple essays with some modifications. Once an essay is submitted for a particular prompt, the essay can be reviewed and edited, but the prompt is unchangeable. Each purchased essay review item can only be used for one prompt.

Do I need any special equipment to have my essay reviewed? Will I need to install any software?

Upgrademe's essay review service is a web-based product and the entire review process can be completed online. All you need is a working computer and an internet connection. Your essay should be uploaded as a Microsoft Word document. Our reviewers will also return your reviewed essay in that format. No special software needs to be installed.

Who sees my essay? How secure is the Essay Review service?

We understand that the college application process is very competitive and that your essay is a very important part of that application. Our services are completely confidential and secure. Your essays and the other details you provide are only viewed by the reviewers and no one else. All our reviewers are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and respect your privacy.

What does the review process involve?

We know that with fast approaching application deadlines you have enough to worry about. The Upgrademe Essay Review process is designed to be simple and painless. Our Essay Review dashboard is centered around you with clear graphics, intuitive design, and easy-to-use details. The dashboard is self-explanatory, and you will also receive emails at each step of the process to keep you on top of things. All emails will go to the address you have used to create your Upgrademe account.

What type of feedback and suggestions will I receive?

Our experienced reviewers will provide you with feedback on issues related to grammar, punctuation, style, adherence to topic, vocabulary choice, and the overall impact of the essay in regards to your college application. You can effectively use this feedback to improve your essays, and thereby enhance your college applications.

What information can I provide to help the reviewer understand me and my goals better?

Our essay reviewers can help you even more if you provide them with pertinent information about yourself. This information may include additional details about the college, the major you are interested in, your academic record, your extra-curricular activities, and any other relevant information about yourself that you think may help them review your essay. This information can be provided through the Notes section that is available to you when you upload an essay for review.

Making the Most of your College Essay Review

The task of writing a college essay is challenging in itself. The essay review service offered by Upgrademe is meant to help you in this process. Here are a few things you can do to improve the overall efficiency of the process:

  • Plan the sequence in which you will submit your essays based on the application deadlines and the priority you assign to each college you are applying to. You want to ensure you are not rushed through completing essays, especially for your top choice colleges.
  • When you submit an essay for the first time you will be asked to specify the essay prompt, the maximum word count permitted, and a list of universities you plan to submit this essay to. You will have a Notes section in which you can send information about yourself or your essay to the reviewer.
  • Provide as much information as possible about yourself when you submit the essay. There is a Notes section available for this, each time you submit the draft of an essay. This will help the reviewer give you the right type of feedback.
  • Most essays will present themselves better if some specific information about the college is included. Reading up about the college, using notes from your college visits, and talking to students or staff at a specific college will help you better describe your interest in applying to that college.
  • Prior to submitting each draft of your essay, you should check it for spelling and grammar. Also, make sure you have understood the prompt and addressed its requirements in your essay.
  • Each time a reviewer returns your draft you will see one or more inline comments with tips and suggestions on how the essay can be improved. There may also be a Summary comment section giving you overall feedback on the essay and what you can do in the next draft. Please submit each new draft without the reviewer's comments from the previous revision. The reviewer may also provide some information using the Notes section when your essay is returned.
  • The essay details page for each essay will have a timeline for that essay. Each entry in the timeline will have the time at which you or the reviewer uploaded the essay along with the Notes that were entered when you or the reviewer uploaded the essay. At any time you will be able to download any of the drafts you uploaded or any of the revisions the reviewer returned.
  • The draft-review cycle between you and the reviewer proceeds until you have used up the maximum number of drafts allowed for that essay or you choose the Mark As Complete option for that essay. The latter can be used if you are satisfied with the latest review of the essay and would like to stop the draft-review cycle.