Here's what our customers have to say

As the mother of twin boys who were seeking to play Division 3 basketball in college while pursuing degrees in engineering, I was glad to discover and use Upgrademe's university search product. While some of the better-known universities were easier to find online, Upgrademe helped my boys and I discover several lesser-known schools that would have, otherwise, been difficult to find. The detailed information available about each college helped a lot in the exploration process. We visited those campuses, considered couple of them seriously, and were even happier when they got recruited there.
Thanks to Upgrademe for helping take a lot of pressure off my mind! I would recommend them for any of their products.
-Karishma Chandani, Silicon Valley Realtor and Happy Mom of Twins
I had the opportunity to use Upgrademe when they created a private domain for my class at Wharton Business School. My experience was wonderful as the user interface was interesting and interactive. Several of the video viewing features such as personalized annotations and the ability to speed up the class recording made watching 3 hour lectures much easier and efficient. Also, the interactive question sets and the ability to view material across several different modalities was incredibly useful in preparing for tests. I would give Upgrademe five stars and would strongly recommend that other schools, universities and study groups try them out by setting up their own private domain on Upgrademe. This will in turn greatly increase utilization and improve customer satisfaction for the learning materials.
-Vibha Dixit, Class 41, Wharton School of Business, San Francisco
Before using Upgrademe, my students and I worked with a different organizational platform. It was buggy, cumbersome, and the students simply did not use the program. Upgrademe, though, is different. The organizational aspect of the program is smooth and easy to use. For students, Upgrademe provides even more benefits: information on careers, links to colleges, and the ability to access a great deal of information.
Most significantly, Upgrademe allows me the ability to organize my students' essay work in an efficient manner. Throughout the year, we deal with literally hundreds of unique essays, and thousands of drafts. With a glance, Upgrademe enables me to see not only where each individual student stands with their writing, but also provides me with a bird's-eye view of where I stand with the process as a whole.
I am glad my students have the opportunity to benefit from such a user-friendly all-in-one resource such as Upgrademe. Much the same, I am happy that my company and employees can benefit from the organizational benefits of Upgrademe.
- Eddie LaMeire, Owner, LaMeire College Consulting